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> How anyone could consider the first screenshot of gedit prettier than the second is beyond me

And I feel exactly the same in reverse. And it's perfectly okay that we are polar opposites, so long as we each continue to have access to our choices. Gnome has thrown us under the bus entirely lately. Thankfully mousepad is a good replacement for gedit 2.x now. I just hope the Gnome devs don't force GTK+ 3 library users into their UI guidelines (like the aforementioned common dialog question.) So far, the Xfce 4.12 screenshots are a lot more promising than I had expected.

> but that is probably why I'm on OSX and not XFCE.

And I really hope you'll stay away from the Xfce dev team in that case :D

Choice is apparently a "usability nightmare" for the unwashed masses...

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