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> Congrats on 4.12! Hopefully it'll be in Debian jessie soon...

Isn't it too late to be included in Jessie? As an XFCE + i3 user anxiously awaiting Jessie in stable, I'd be very happy to hear that it'll be included, but I thought all major packages had been frozen already.

A quick google shows an Xfce blog post from November stating that it won't make it in, as the Jessie freeze had already passed. I had no idea! But as a sibling says, hopefully it'll make it to backports.

I simply use Debian in unstable all the time and update every couple of weeks. I hate staying stuck for a year or more with old versions and unstable was very rarely unstable for me. There was once or twice in the 10 years or so that I've used Debian unstable that the upgrade broke.

The most annoying times of the year are when Debian is in a freeze preparing for release. I can't get the latest version of everything and I am just so lazy I can't be bothered to build an upstream package from scratch.

And while I don't find much use for Debian releases myself I know they are useful and important to others.

Presumably. There's always backports...

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