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Is there much difference between a web startup and a new web company today?
2 points by aurora72 2702 days ago | hide | past | web | 2 comments | favorite
I've been following countless articles and discussions on the Hacker News where the term "startup" is being portraited mainly as a new company developed around on web and not as the one which promotes and sells the latest high-tech products using the web.

These days I plan to form a company which will sell the latest technology products such as the IP cameras from the web. I plan to build its web infrastructure by myself, which will be based on MAPP stack (Mac OS X, Apache, PHP, PostgreSQL) on a Macmini.

So I bet on the idea that IP cameras will sell a lot and it will be the core activity of my company. But, I also think that such an infrastructure (MAPP on a Macmini) is what allows me to launch this idea without having too many financial risks.

And now comes the conceptual uncertainity: Is this kind of a company a web startup, a traditional (web) company or an hybrid of both?

IMHO, the key differentiator of "a startup" vs "a traditional company" is the exit strategy, not the technology involved.

Thank you for the comment.

By the "exit strategy", you mean creating the startup with a short list of acquirers in mind, I guess.

I can re-phrase my view on the difference so:

"A startup is designed to multiply its appeal to acquirers and be then sold whereas traditional company is formed solely to reap the opportunities in the market using an efficient system"

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