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Show HN: A daily aggregator of all remote jobs out there (remoteok.io)
100 points by pieterhg on Feb 22, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 26 comments

Looks like I stumbled upon a bug? There is a job listing by a company Hedo for junior iOS Dev. But when I clik on it it throws 404.


I manually added special character, é (don't know what's it called), as shown in company name and now it works:


So may be bug is related to how you are handling unicode/special characters, in database and URL mapping

Thanks, will fix that! Probably have to add an id to the url :(

You could probably also get away with slugifying the name before sticking it in the URL. Just have to validate the slug and account for names that only vary by accents.

Personally, I would ditch the hero - I think it just gets in the way and degrades page performance.

Thanks, it's gone on individual pages, e.g. try clicking a tag

Also removed it after 3 page loads now.

This is a great aggregator and very visually appealing.

As a recruiter, I would caution one big challenge in the remote job space is vetting legit opportunities. Specifically, I'm sure far too many developers can relate: a company promotes a variation of "remote-friendly", "potential for remote" or "remote for the right person." At they end of the day, they hire their "preferred candidate" locally and it's a huge time waster for all parties involved.

All in a all, your site looks excellent, but I just worry about the validity of the premise.

Is there a tag for "junior level job that accepts experienced devs looking to switch stacks by working nights or weekends on something they can put on their resume"?

Because, that would be very cool.

Adding :)

This is awesome. I found your site through HN a couple of weeks ago and read through a bunch of your blog posts, which inspired me to take on a remote position. Keep up the great work. :)

The concept looks a lot like my site: https://jobety.com. The difference being that Jobety is also for fulltime / onsite positions.

You're misdetecting the "Java" tag, it looks like any job which mentions "Javascript" is tagged as "Java" as well as "JS".

I was confused why so many web dev jobs required Java.

Sorry about that, should be fixed now!

Very nice. Perhaps add a filter for contract and part-time?

Very cool!

GrowthHackers.com and Inbound.org both have occasional remote jobs listings in their job listings. You may wish to add them to the sources :)

Will add, thanks!

Search is case sensitive which threw me off. I was searching for "front end" as opposed to "Front End".

Thanks, will fix this now

This is obviously awesome.

Could you share how much time approximately did it take you to make this?

Thanks @perdunov! About 2 weeks, I'll do a full write up on it on my blog tomorrow, see my profile info @levelsio (don't like to spam)

No "programmer" jobs available.

Didn't realize I could just scroll down to browse.

Sorry about that, added an arrow now :)

Looks the same as Working Nomads


That's a curated job boards, this is an aggregator that indexes ALL remote jobs out there. Or at least tries to

Nice interface. :)

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