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A mature forest has 100 trees per acre. They're doing 40 per square meter! This is certainly kickstarting tree growth, but you end up with a thicket instead of a mature forest.

I believe that the implicit claim of this method is that planting a thicket is part of a process, the end point of which is a mature forest, and that the trees which die in the process of thinning from the original density to the final density die with a purpose and their growth and eventual death helps restore the area to a forest much faster than would just leaving it alone.

I do not have the expertise to validate this claim. But I don't think that they're suggesting that in 10 years there will still be 4 trees per square meter, or even one per square meter.

This page seems to suggest that poplar seedling density in clearcut areas is on the order of thousands per acre, which then thin out considerably as the trees mature. See the "seedling development" section.


> They're doing 40 per square meter!

Where did you see this? I see

> three to five saplings per square meter


> 300 trees of 42 species in a 93-square-meter plot

I wouldn't nitpick but it's an order of magnitude.

Thanks! Mistyped, should have been '4'.

Still, there are 4000+ square meters to an acre. That remains two orders of magnitude larger than a mature forest should have.

It's also mentioned in the article that not all trees survive, meaning that the density would actually be slightly less than how it's planted.

So slightly less than 16,000 trees per acre?

Where did you find that 100 trees per acre figure? That sounded really low to me, so I did some googling and found numbers more along the lines of 300-400 per acre.

In fact, 100 trees per acre is the minimum to be classified as a forest in a particular program, and that's in Southern California, which is especially sparse land for trees. http://mountainsfoundation.org/uploads/media_items/landowner...

Done forest rehabilitation in parks, we cut down to 100 trees per acre from 400.

While still much more than 100 per acre, they're actually only planting "three to five saplings per square meter."

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