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It looks great man. I know you'll be accepted. The writing is on the wall. Posting your video here just seals the deal, and puts yourself out there. I didn't apply to YC, but if I did, I'd be putting my stuff up here as well. I'm surprized nobody else has posted like you did. That takes some balls and self-belief.

I didn't agree with some of the things you've said before, like IP rules, etc. but you've earned my respect. Best of luck to you. :)

-Zak Kinion

I don't know if he applied; he has tried before and was rejected. Way to represent the lone rangers!

I'm guessing he did, though I may be wrong. The thread title was "...YC app..." something like that.

I don't see how after that video and that post how he wouldn't be accepted unless the YC people have some pre-existing opinions about the future of online storage.

I totally missed that. I just know he was interviewed for this past winter session, and it came up that he was a single founder. I sure hope he gets in, because it shows that you don't always need a team if you can invision, design, draw, code, and test your idea yourself. Too many cooks can spoil the broth, sometimes. Plus, I believe when leading a product that you need to have one leader, not a committee. And, the other thing I believe is that a leader must be willing to do, by himself, anything he asks of others.

couple of clarifications :)

1) i have other people working with me on this. i did prototype it alone, but i don't intend to be a single founder. i won't belabor it here, but it's really a good idea to get other people on board and the reasons yc and everyone have for not encouraging single founders are valid. your odds are much worse, and playing superman gets old after a while when you're trying to do everything -- and it's more fun to have more people involved and excited about the idea anyway.

2) re: applying: i am applying for this round, but actually didn't apply for funding for the last wfp. however, i did apply 2 years ago (with a cofounder) with another idea and wasn't selected.

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