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I'd suggest, "The Tough Parts", as you mention in the preface.

Not sure who your target market is but as a professional developer who writes javascript daily, "The Tough Parts", piques my curiosity and sounds like an interesting challenge. "You Don't Know JS" evokes a more negative reaction.

fyi: there were some who felt that it would detract from or dillute the brand "the good parts", which is also an oreilly title.

Honestly, I don't care what the title is, the books are great. I've recommended them a number of times as newer resources than "the good parts" and raganwald's, and not one person has asked if I thought I was implying that they were dumb. If anything, the title serves as a compliment, since anything I do not know is something that I can learn. If you know everything already, then why are you looking at books which serve to teach?

That said, from a marketing perspective, they've got a great unique cover and a solid series title. If more than the original 5 come around in the future, they'll be easy to identify.

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