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> implement in Haskell something that is trivial and well-understood in Python and other languages. Converting a custom AST (represented as a JSON query) into another AST that can be used to generate SQL is probably not simple with Python simply because there's no type safety while moving from one syntax tree to the other. In Haskell, the definition of the two syntax grammars (as types) itself solves a part of the problem, and then ensures the the programmer is writing functions that are taking the right input and generating the right output. So much more 'correct' code seems likely.

> concurrency in Python is hard. There are many reasonable ways to do it for the web, from multiprocessing using something like uwsgi or the excellent gevent Multicore support? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15617553/gevent-multicore...

> And I don't understand why memory footprint is seriously a factor here. Server runtimes may use all the memory available to go fast. As long as it fits, footprint seems a lot less important than other factors. Using a server side programming language-runtime that would be able to use multiple cores and have a low memory footprint so that it would handle greater scale at lower hosting costs seems like a sensible move. Ofcourse, like you said, only if it is easy enough to do so. Which is what the author's point was I think.

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