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I don't understand how I'd use this. WebSockets are generally for server-initiated events, but this doesn't make it very easy to initiate events on the server. Usually it will be some pubsub situation, so I'd want a server process to be able to emit a message to one or many connections - but instead the connection is tied to one process for its life. I'd like to see an example like a simple chat room.

Actually, I think you're looking for Server-Sent Events [1] for something of a pub/sub nature. WebSockets, on the other hand, are intended for realtime bidirectional communication over a single TCP connection.

Pub/Sub is much more one-directional. A single subscribe event initiates a stream of all published events. Server-Sent Events are more suited for this because the server will never have to bother checking the TCP connection for incoming data.

[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/2011/WD-eventsource-20110208/

I've built chatrooms with websocketd. To do this, you a shared pub/sub store. Redis is great, so is Postgres (with its pub/sub add-ons). Storing chat data in a store is more durable than keeping it in memory on a single machine.

The solution in question could well be used for pub/sub servers or for request/response patterns... it's really pretty cool. I'm needing to expose a very small utility that uses C# for the micro service... I'm considering this for that reason... aside from that, I think the solution in question is pretty cool.

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