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BTW, there is a VM for Dart that is experimenting with different concurrent modes to provide an alternative to async programming: https://github.com/dart-lang/fletch

You can read its short wiki for some clues: https://github.com/dart-lang/fletch/wiki/Processes-and-Isola...

I like Fletch's idea very much. Imagine not having to worry about Async all the time.

Not sure how everything is implemented in Fletch, but I think I heard that in Fletch they are able to share 1 thread per many processes if need be. And they have been trying hard to save memory while implementing those features.

If you want to run some tests to compare with, I created some small samples using different Dart implementations and NodeJS here: https://github.com/jpedrosa/arpoador/tree/master/direct_test...

Fletch also supports a kind of Coroutine: https://github.com/dart-lang/fletch/wiki/Coroutines-and-Thre...

> Imagine not having to worry about Async all the time.

I'm nitpicking, because Fletch truly sounds very cool indeed, but when I use Elixir, Erlang, or Go, I never worry about async either. From that wiki page, I can't really see what the difference with the Erlang VM is.

(that's a good thing, the Erlang VM is awesome, and being able to write server code on an Erlang-like VM and still share code with the browser sounds like the thing that could make me adopt Dart)

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