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I remember Jason (of the Archive Team) telling me that Yahoo! had very little bandwidth that they were allocating toward Geocities and that downloading was horridly slow. Getting even 1MB/s was nearly impossible.

I'm wondering if Yahoo! increased the available bandwidth (or maybe everyone else just stopped using it, increasing what was apparently available) so that when you got to it then it was nice and zippy compared to when the Archive Team hit it earlier in the year.

That's very well possible. I have no idea how they were doing it, I have about 20 different IPs in the farm that is doing this, 8 machines in total.

Even the mail server is doing double duty :)

The only thing that is still doing what it is intended for is my main webserver, everything else is going flat-out. There is some risk of duplication but I'll take care of that later.

I'm getting nearly 150MBit/sec peak so I really can't complain.

I have to hand it to my provider though, we get transit times that are just about unbelievable, when it's quiet beteen 30 and 50 ms rtt, and when it's busy still under 150. That helps a lot.

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