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For all of those that were wondering what my 'mystery project' was, it's an all out effort to backup all of geocities.com in 6 days before closing time.

It was a lot of hard work, with the help from Abi and some others.

I think we got most if not all of it.

The account restoration process will probably take the better part of the week, there is just too much raw data to do it all in one go. There are still a whole pile of integrity checks to be done and broken links to be repaired.

Please be kind to the server, it is still doing a lot of very hard work in the background. On the homepage there is a status indicator that shows you how many accounts and files have been restored. How many accounts and files eventually will be restored I can't tell you right now but my guess is that we've managed to save a very large portion of geocities.

Great idea! My wife was just lamenting over the loss of her highschool web-years. Hopefully they'll live on through reocities. Nice design too, especially considering the time crunch.

Abi did an awesome job, he did the whole thing under 5 hours.

I have no idea how long it will take to process all the raw data, it's spread out over a whole pile of machines right now, I'm pulling it in batch by batch to integrate it in to the main site.

But it's as close to a 'drop-in' replacement as I could think of.

Thanks Jacques. Super cool project -- was a pleasure to work with you!

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