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I have discovered this as well. Although 100% of my own GitHub projects[1] are JavaScript, more than half appear as CSS due to the included documentation.

Ideally, the project manager should be able to define the language composition in their own projects. Something GitHub should consider IMO.

[1]: https://github.com/epistemex?tab=repositories

Yes, it's pretty annoying that the language detection can't be overridden.

About half of the repos that I'm dealing with are mis-detected (usually as CSS or HTML due to included documentation).

FWIW, bitbucket lets you define the language of your repos.

I doubt many project managers would bother doing that -- what do they get out of it?

If I noticed a repository was classified incorrectly I'd open an issue asking the maintainer to rectify it, if it was possible. They would likely do this simply because someone asked. If not that, then simply for it to appear correctly in the searches.

Why open source at all, what do they get out of it?

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