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I hate Hadoop with a passion, but this reads like written by people even more clueless than Hadoop developers.

> Contrast this with Pachyderm MapReduce (PMR) in which a job is an HTTP server inside a Docker container (a microservice). You give Pachyderm a Docker image and it will automatically distribute it throughout the cluster next to your data. Data is POSTed to the container over HTTP and the results are stored back in the file system.

Now I'm not even sure anymore whether they are trying to troll people or if they are that out of touch with reality.

- No focus on trying to take on the real issues, but working around a perceived problem which would have been a non-issue after 5 minutes of research? Check.

- Trying to improve things by looking at bad ideas which weren't even state-of-the-art ten years ago? Check.

- Being completely clueless about the real issues in distributed data processing? Check.

- Whole thing reads like some giant buzzword-heavy bullshit bingo? Check.

- Some Silicon-Valley-kids-turned-JavaScript-HTML-"programmers"-turned-NodeJS-developers-turned-Golang-experts thinking that they can build a Git-like distributed filesystem from scratch? Check.

- "A git-like distributed file system for a Dockerized world." ... Using Go? ... Please just kill me.

If I ever leave the software industry, it's because of shit like this.

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