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Rust is one of the heavier users of Issues. I've started a pretty huge re categorization and triage effort, and when I started, we had around 2200 open. Earlier today I got us to 1899. Part of this is that we tracked things like 'it would be nice to have a library to do things like X,' and in preparation for 1.0, we're moving those over to our RFC repo instead, so that the main project has only bugs and internal enhancements.

... I guess I should also mention that not all of them are these kinds of issues, there's also lots of stuff, like in any tracker, that got fixed somewhere, but the issue was never closed. Or where a library that used to exist no longer does. Etc. Triage is drudge work, but really valuable for any big project.

Yes, I imagine, because it's a relatively new language. In case of other ones the reasons are probably of entirely different nature.

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