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This sounds promising.

I'd love to see a Haskell-centric (performance and robust code) but ultimately language-agnostic alternative to the JVM-heavy stack that's currently in vogue. (Spark is a promising and powerful technology.) I choose Haskell because pretty much anything that the JVM does well (e.g. concurrency) Haskell also does well and, while I like Clojure and can enjoy Scala when written by competent people, Java is ugly and its community has worse aesthetic sense than a taint mole.

You may be interested in Cloud Haskell[0], which is an erlang-like distributed computation engine. The main thing that's missing in Haskell-land is an alternative to HDFS.

[0] https://wiki.haskell.org/Cloud_Haskell

Why not use Ceph? There are solid Haskell bindings for RADOS: https://github.com/anchor/rados-haskell

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