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Hi, JD @ Pachyderm here.

Our feeling is that there's a big difference between having projects like this in the ecosystem and having a canonical implementation that comes preloaded in the software. "Batteries included but removable" is the best phrasing of this we've found (stolen from Docker). I've seen tons of pipeline management tools in the Hadoop ecosystem (even contributed to some) it's not that they're bad it's just that they're not standardized. This winds up being a huge cost because if 2 companies use different pipeline management it gets a lot harder to reuse code.

I think etcd is a pretty good example of this. Etcd is basically a database (that's the way CoreOS describes it) by database standards it's pretty crappy. But it's simple and it's on every CoreOS installation so you can use it without making your software a ton harder to deploy.

Hope this clears some stuff up!


Redis cannot replace etcd: etcd (like zookeeper and chubby) offer strong consistency, which Redis does not. These requirements are key for building things like a directory service (which is how CoreOS uses etcd).

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