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I don't think you read the article very carefully. Specifically, what I am claiming about (shared-state) threaded code which is not true of "any re-entrant code" is the fact that you cannot tell whether threaded code is re-entrant or not without a comprehensive, combinatorial whole-program analysis. It's not feasible to know what you might be re-entrant with, because you might be re-entrant with anything. With preemptive threads you really just can't do it at all, but with green threads you have to follow every call stack all the way to the bottom, because nothing else about it the bottom of the stack tells you whether you're going to context switch or not. When you get back a Deferred (or a Promise or a Future or a thunk or whatever), then the stack-inspection can be shallow; O(1) on the depth of your stack instead of O((stack_depth) * (function_length)).

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