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Emcien (Atlanta, GA) - Junior or Senior C Dev

We are looking for someone with basic C experience - "a few classes four years ago" may be sufficient. You should be able to manage the first 5 Project Euler problems in C, and you should at least be competent to write FizzBuzz, implement a basic singly-linked list, and build a simple unix 'cat' utility.

You should also be somewhat familiar with Unix - comfortable getting work done on either the Linux or OSX command line. Bonus points for any of:

  - Understands hash tables
  - Familiarity with Ruby (our tests are written in RSpec)
  - Experience with data manipulation (text processing, parsing, etc)
  - Is not afraid of pointers
  - Can write C Macro wrappers for data structures
  - Has experience with using SAS, R, SciPy, or Matlab to do data analysis
An experienced C developer could also apply if interested - you folk are harder to find and hire, but we have no specific requirement for a junior-level salary.

You can talk to me (nevinera@gmail.com) if you have any questions, or if you just want a feel for the company.

To apply, send a resume and sample C program to devjobs@emcien.com. The sample should be written by you in C, but otherwise can be anything you like - if you have any C projects already public, that will do; otherwise I'd suggest a basic implementation of unix `cat`, `sort`, or `cut` as a reasonable demonstration of competence.

While I personally have no problem with remote work, Emcien is not willing to engage fully remote employees or sponsor visas. :-\

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