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Show HN: vim-hackernews (github.com)
193 points by ryanss on Feb 7, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 34 comments

Well, it certainly looks better than the current Hacker News design.

Really? How so?

The Emacs community embraced vim through evil-mode, the vim community is now implementing the rest of the OS.

Meanwhile, in emacs land, https://github.com/vermiculus/sx.el

I'd love to have M-x hackernews for wasting time.

Ah, uhm... as someone who has m-x TIMEWASTERDUJOUR for a while, be careful :)

It's already in melpa.

I didn't play with the HN API but I wonder if it's possible to post comments using the API. I haven't seen any program support user comments, it would be neat to be able to post comments using vim :-)

Hi, plugin author here.

It's not currently possible to post comments using the official API (or any of the unofficial APIs), but this probably wouldn't be difficult to implement using a standard POST request to the actual Hacker News web server. The harder part would be getting the interface for posting comments inside of Vim user friendly; it would probably be similar to how fugitive.vim lets you enter git commit messages.

I will definitely look into adding this to the plugin if enough interest is shown.

I implemented ajax comment posting for the HNES Chrome Extension, which is open source. It's a dirty hack but it works. Check out the source:


That'd be awesome. Opening up a scratch buffer and then using that for the contents of the comment in the POST would work pretty well. I dig it.

Do you think they deliberately don't make that functionality part of the public API just so people won't create bots?

I doubt it. It wouldn't take very long at all to write a simple bot to do that with the existing web interface.

No, it's not that. I don't know why they don't allow comments via the official API.

Maybe @dang would be kind enough to let us know if we'll ever be able to use the API to post AUTH and post comments.

Pretty awesome! My default browser is Chrome and I have Vimium installed - and its a really good to be able to press 'O' on a HN link and continue on Chrome with the same navigation (j, k, ..)

Based on the way I read HN, some customization that I would definitely want to do are:

1. Headline navigation (mapped to 'j') - move cursor to the next headline instead of the next line

2. <Enter> / O opens the link in browser instead of the HN thread

3. Opened links get blurred

4. Quick page reload mapping and Auto reload

But this is purely based on my style of reading HN.

I've wanted something similar to that headline navigation in a browser for a long time. Often times when reading blog-style webpages I want to scroll down to the next story (skipping the rest of the currently displayed story). Using page down requires multiple presses and often leaves the next story half on the page. I would like the next heading to be displayed at the top so it's always in the same spot and so it also maximizes the amount of the story that's displayed on the screen.

I don't know how this could be implemented nicely, though, without making it site specific. I'll have to look into vimium to see if I could at least do it for the sites I visit often. If vimium doesn't allow that kind of customization, pentadactyl and vimperator look like other possible options.


Would also add to the wishlist:

* when you click `u` to go back, it should keep the cursor on the item you were focusing on, so you continue where you left off

It will be very useful at work for reading HN and pretending I am working :)


No, Vim is more or less incapable of dealing with JS because it lacks support for asynchronous processes with two way data flow.

Yes, that's why NeoVim is super exciting.

I dig your vim theme, can we get some info on that?

You can checkout my vim configuration here: https://github.com/ryanss/vim

It's just a single, well-commented .vimrc file a little over 100 lines long. The main plugins that add to the visual appearance are the jellybean colorscheme and the fancy status line comes from vim-airline.

thanks for turning me on to jellybean, what a great scheme. awesome plugin btw!

Does anyone think it would be complicated to port it to Sublime Text? I'd like to, but I'm learning to program.

This is gonna so reduce my productivity dude.

Reading comments in this thread reminds me how talented people are and how much superfluous engery there is in them.

Great and very useful plugin. Good job!

Super cool stuff!

I also agree with few others here. Adding comments support would be so awesome.

Is that possible via HN API? or it has to do HTTP requests in CLI?

The author of the plugin mentions in this thread above, it has to be done via sending POST requests directly to the HN endpoints, and also mentions if this gains enough demand, he might implement it.

I am trying to vote up for the comment support.

LOL, so cool. I prefer to read HN in a browser though.



Ugh! If you want stuff like this then switch to EMACS.

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