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The OpenBSD Foundation 2015 Fundraising Campaign (openbsdfoundation.org)
124 points by lasfjlasflsadjf on Feb 7, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments

I have the impression that many OpenSSH users are unaware of its OpenBSD relationship, and so perhaps less likely to take note of the fundraisers. If it hadn't been for the extra publicity last year, I'd probably still not know.

So for anyone like me: These are the guys behind OpenSSH too, get your wallet out ;)

Also, you forgot OpenSSL! :)

OpenSSL is not the work of the OpenBSD team. They work on LibreSSL[0] which is a fork of OpenSSL.

[0] http://www.libressl.org/

I need to find a nice and cheap fanless mini computer to use OpenBSD again. I wish there was usb support on that octeon model.

I'm looking to get either a Fit-PC Fitlet (http://www.fit-pc.com/web/products/fitlet/) or Zotac Zbox Pico PI330 (http://liliputing.com/2015/01/zotac-offers-intel-amd-models-...) when they become available.

take a look at these things: http://www.pcengines.ch/apu.htm

reasonably cheap X86 boards with 3x gigabit ports that run OpenBSD wonderfully.

Be careful, I'm pretty sure that doesn't do AES NI which is something you're going to desperately need if you plan on doing VPN.

It still does >100 MBit/s VPNs from what I've read, so yes, it would be helpful sometimes, but is not entirely necessary for many usecases.

How about a Minnowboard Max?

Are those availables with at least two network interfaces? I'm planning to use OpenBSD as a home router.

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