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One thing that somewhat turned me away about SICM is that it relies almost entirely on a specific Scheme implementation and Emacs setup.

Edwin (the text editor that comes with MIT-Scheme) is not quite emacs, but when I used it for SICP I kind of liked it...once I figured out the debugger. (edit: that sounded sarcastic, I actually liked Edwin)

Apparently there's an important library for the course called scmutils that the Racket people gave up on porting a while back: http://lists.racket-lang.org/users/archive/2005-October/0099...

Oh sweet a guile port.. thanks for posting that!

I wouldn't say "the Racket people" gave up - rather that one Racket user gave up. If I were to port scmutils to Racket, I'd probably start from the Guile port.

I'm working on a port to Clojure: https://github.com/littleredcomputer/math .

(The name is a little vague, I haven't decided what to call it; "scmutils" doesn't convey much).

Having it in Clojure means it could be integrated with lots of other things; I'm considering graphics, at some point, or some kind of integration with javascript.

I'm a daily reader of HN, but not much of a contributor (sadly): do you think this might be worth a Show HN when it was more mature?

I've been putting off the SICM course and thus scmutils but the idea of a Clojure port makes me a little giddy. 2 good things I see: the possibility of using it in bigger projects (sorry, Scheme) or just not dealing with context switching from Emacs/Clojure to Edwin/Scheme.

Either way - really cool, wish I could help but I don't really know how.

Thanks! I grew up with Scheme, but set lisp aside for years until Clojure came along to reboot my interest.

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