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I didn't mean technical reasons but what works slowly. Like: I enter a key and the letter shows up with perceivable delay (which in my experience, even with 100.000 lines isn't the case).

One thing I found extremely slow for instance was copy and pasting of large chunks of text, but that's something I only experienced while testing Atom's performance. For my common text manipulation, I've never experienced the slowness that keeps so many from using Atom. I understand that people are bothered by this, but saying "Atom is slow" imho makes Atom appear as this giant unsuably sluggish piece of software that it is not.

- Text editors have been around for a very long time.

- Text editors are not that complex (even with plugin systems they are not doing HPC work).

- Text editors were not perceived as slow many years ago.

- Our computers have only got faster (10000x range).

- It is 2015 and a text editor is slow (sub-second delays in GUI, large file limits, etc).

- There are text editors not written in JS/Webkit that are not slow by orders of magnitude.

While I'm not bothered by Atom being slowish, I think there is some basis for dissatisfaction here. Of course, nobody is obligated to use Atom.

My point was that Atom is not slow 99% of the time, when doing standard text manipulation. I never argued that there's no basis for dissatisfaction but that the argument "Atom is slow" is often tossed around like some ultimate argument. Often without calling out what is slow (I even pointed out some of Atom's slower operations).

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