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STYLIGHT - Munich, Germany - Full time - Frontend / Backend


At STYLIGHT we try to change how people discover and shop fashion. We curate both products and user generated content to inspire people when shopping fashion.

My team has launched a new product in 2015 and we're still in the early stages - I'm looking for some passionate people to join our ranks and shape this product. We use a wide array of different technologies including Go, Java, Angular, Elastic Search.

Frontend Developer

- Write modular, scalable and testable Javascript, HTML and CSS. Provide our users with an outstanding responsive experience on every device.

- Identify and address performance bottlenecks.

- Work closely together with other developers, the product owner and designers.

Backend Developer

- You have mastered one programming language, preferably Java or Go

- know at least one scripting language (python, javascript)

- Ideally experience with solr / elastic search

- You have a good understanding of system design, data structures and algorithms.

Email is in my profile. I was hired about 2 years ago through this thread. :)

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