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100% agree.

Think of your code as an operating system. And heck if you write anything complicated it will start to look like that.

As you said, if you write code that needs to co-operatively yield, needs to use defereds, promises, futures, you are back to Windows 3.1 Which is nice, when it came out.[+]

The next level in evolution is pre-emptive multi-tasking. A scheduler interrupts your task and make sure to run other task. You don't have to worry about fairness (or another task being unfair). This is your classic threads running in the same shared memory -- C++,Java,C#. In OS equivalent this is Windows 95. It was a glorious OS for its time. It really was, I am not kidding.

Next level in evolution is pre-emptive multi-tasking with isolated memory. Aha, now one broken/evil/greedy task can't easily foul up other tasks. This was huge. Think jumping from Window 95 to NT or to Unix/Linux. Awesome things like multi-user system, reliable systems with multiple processes starting/stopping that could run for more than 3 days without rebooting. This is what makes the world run today in general computing. In programming languages paradigm there is ... (sorry, if this is dissapointing) only Erlang. You can add its friends (Elixir, LFE and few others running on same VM). Yap, the only one I know that has built-in heap isolation and light tasks (a couple of K's of memory). The non-programming language specific paradigm is of course OS processes, with some messaging. Now you can call them micro-services living in containers to be cool and that's fine. But is really nice. You've caught up with OS technology finally.

[+] : One kind of in-between is semi-pre-emptive multi-tasking and that is when pre-emption happens implicitly during certain system calls (usually IO calls like socket.recv() or say disk.write() or time.sleep(). I think Go works like this and Python's eventlet and gevent work that ways.

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