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The correct response does not indicate if the user ID or password is the incorrect parameter and hence inferring a valid user ID.

ARGH. This is a usability nightmare - moreso when the recovery system implements the same rule.

"Okay, I had an account on this website, which email address was it again?"

try logging in a few times

"Hm.. I must have forgotten the password. Off to reset!"

go through the recovery process

recovery page indicates an email will be sent

email never comes

"Wait, so are they being 'really secure', or is email just broken right now?"

wait a couple hours

forget about the site

The trick here is it not go to the reset page but to the signup page. Almost always, there is a message that indicates that the email id is already taken.

(which is why I think that indicating specifically, that the userid was incorrect or the password was, is better UX.)

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