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How do you handle (Do you?):

* not more than 2 identical characters in a row (e.g., 111 not allowed) * Name/Username in password (Name: Chuck Norris, username: ChuckNorris, Password: ChuckNorris#1)

These are reasons why I don't look forward to doing this and also why I'm leaning towards G+/FB/twitter/etc authentication in an app I'm planning.

Didn't in either case, because they weren't in the requirements, and the first one, while well-meaning, just further decreases entropy. I got into an email fight with our network security over trying to use a 40-character password LastPass generated that happened to have 2 identical chars in a row, and not being allowed. Not more than one identical character in a row is more secure than not more than 2, apparently.

For the second, I'd probably just do something like compute the Levenshtein distance between the username and password, and reject it if it passed some threshold.

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