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CTO / Technical Founder | EF | London

We're a new kind of startup accelerator; often investing in top-tier developers pre-idea and pre-team and we're currently recruiting for our March start date.

We bring together the best developers into cohorts where they can find technical co-founders and get support to help them through the early stages of startup building (ideation, customer development, fund-raising).

We're experts in day -100 to day 100 and have had two cohorts so far resulting in twenty companies that are currently worth over $100m (our third cohort are pitching to Europes top VCs in just over 2 weeks). Companies in our portfolio have raised money from some of the best investors around the world including YC.

We're experience agnostic, so whether you're in the early-stages of your career or a developer with years of real world experience, our only criteria is that you're exceptional.

Founders are required to move to London, but we’re actively recruiting from across Europe and we’ve helped sort visas in the past when they’ve been needed.

We're especially interested in developers who also have domain expertise that they want to apply to building a startup. Whether that's from academic experience (turning your academic work into a real product that people love to use), personal interest in specific technologies (blockchain, statistical/probabilistic-learning, VR, etc.) or from working in a particular field (finance, security, etc).

If any of this sounds like you, find out more about applying at: http://www.joinef.com/march or send any questions through to me at mikey<at>joinef<dot>com.

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