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"This should really be the new "don't do your own crypto"."

oauth / openid for the win

Unless your companies "secret sauce" is user authentication and management, you probably shouldn't be doing it.

You still almost certainly need to implement a backup system. It is rarely a good idea to force a new user to enter his facebook/google/ms credentials to use your service. Even if 99% of your potential userbase has such credentials they may not want to connect them to your service.

That's even before getting into the question about whether or not such systems make it more likely that users will fall to phishing attacks by conditioning them to enter their credentials somewhere other than the website where they were issued that they went to directly.

Using OAuth also doesn't give you a free pass. Plenty of apps/sites/organizations mess up OAuth implementation, and OAuth doesn't solve things for corporate/enterprise users either.

It's also not suitable for certain demographics, which puts you back at square one (rolling your own).

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