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Note: Windows 10 on Pi 2 will be an IoT platform, not a desktop OS.

You'll develop your app in Visual Studio on a Windows PC and deploy it to the Pi.

Raspbian will continue to be the main supported OS.

- Ben from Raspberry Pi

Thanks for the clarification. I'm not familiar with Microsoft programs and I didn't know what "IoT platform" was (in fact, didn't know that IoT was "Internet of Things").

This combination seems like the exact opposite of what an IoT platform should be.

Can you clarify the key differences? What happens if you hook up a monitor, just DOS command line or does it have a desktop UI? Can you remote desktop?

That's seriously underwhelming...

This is not the desktop version of Windows 10 but "Windows 10 IoT". It has no GUI whatsoever. People are planning to buy this, thinking they will be able to run some sort of desktop Windows. They're in for a huge disappointed.

Thanks Ben, I've upvoted you as I think this should be at the top of this discussion.

As others have said, it would be worth making this clear on the Raspberry Pi site, even if MS don't make it clear enough (judging by the comments) in their own brief announcement.

I think you need to make that clearer on the webpage judging by the other replies in this thread...

But it will run Windows 10 and Windows Universal Apps:


I find it strange that Microsoft is trying to pitch Windows as an OS for Internet of Things projects running on ARM processors. Microsoft's primary strategic asset, the Win32 API (and specifically the large number of x86 Windows apps), is useless for this use case. And it seems to me that Windows would be quite heavyweight compared to a stripped-down Linux-based system. I guess they're desperate.

The real asset for IoT is .NET. There are already some manufacturers using Micro .NET for such purposes.

Many IoT vendors are shipping JVMs on their devices.

So this seems natural to bring .NET to the Pi.

Ben can you shed any light on the EULA terms on the Microsoft site? To get access to this program you must accept the EULA which states that you will only be allowed one single install of pre-release software and the license is only good for 60 days.

Sounds more like a standard beta/RC license than a real "free for the maker community" license as the PR announcements seem to imply.

Thanks for the clarification!

You've rendered much of the debate here totally moot with just a couple sentences. *High five. :)

What does that mean? So Visual Studio hasn't been ported to ARM, that isn't really surprising. But can I run any existing application I build targeting ARM like on a jailbroken Windows RT system, or do they need a Microsoft signature?

> IoT

What is that? "Internet of Things"? "Installs on Tablets"?

Just to be clear, IoT isn't specifically a Microsoft thing:


Does that mean it will be Windows RT API-wise or something else?

Ok, that wasn't clearly stated in the article

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