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Gazemetrix (http://www.gazemetrix.com/)

Where: Bangalore, India

Looking FULL TIME: - Computer Vision Engineer

SKILLS: Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Python, C++, R, Linear Algebra, OpenCV, Object Recognition, Algorithms & Data Structures, Deep Learning, Matlab/Octave, Probability & Statistics

You will be working as a new member of the Gazemetrix R&D team. We are specialized in large scale image understanding. GazeMetrix empowers brands with insight into when and where their brand was photographed across social media in real-time. Using proprietary computer vision and machine learning algorithms, gazeMetrix accurately analyzes user-created photos on Instagram and identifies when a brand is featured. Brands discover their latest photos instantly. We automatically pick up the 'most popular pictures' and they can share them on their fan page/ Pinterest boards or twitter streams.

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