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Fetch Robotics - San Jose - Full Time / INTERN

Fetch is a small team of passionate and experienced engineers using cutting edge mobile robotics to help create a revolution in the way work is done. We're funded and growing rapidly. Our first solutions will be for the logistics industry.

- Software Engineers

We are looking for software engineers with broad experience on real robot platforms. In particular we're looking for an engineer with a deep background in robot navigation and sensor fusion. You'd be responsible for development and refinement of IMU/odometry fusion, controls for a mobile base, and navigation capabilities for the robot.

In addition we have multiple openings, for both junior and senior-level engineers, in the areas of motion planning, perception, and human-robot interfaces.

Skills and Expertise

* C++, Python, ROS, SLAM, Gazebo, MoveIt, OpenCV or PCL, Web.

- Interns (We love interns!)

An internship at Fetch Robotics is a chance to get hands-on experience with world-class bots. Software engineering interns will work alongside our software engineering team to implement state-of-the-art software for navigation, motion planning, robot perception, robot control, and human-robot interfaces.

* If you're currently working on a BS, MS, or PhD in Computer Science, Robotics, Electrical Engineering, or another robotics-related field we'd love to talk.

We're engineer led and results driven. We're building real robots to do real work, join us!

contact details in my profile. (This post is pre-launch and details will change)

I am a 3rd year undergraduate student of Aerospace Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology,Bombay.

In my junior year due to interest in robotics I did a semester learning project on Mobile robot Controllers. In this project I learned about kinematic and dynamic models of various mobile robot drives and simulated then in Robot Operating System(ROS). I designed feedback controllers for path tracking of differential drive robots, parking control and Leader follower problem of car-like mobile robots by developing direct lyapunov models. I simulated these controllers using Player/stage platform. Having an idea on Mobile robot controllers I look forward to an intern in the field of control of mobile robots so that I can increase my expertise in control of robots.

I have skills required for this particular profile.I am interested in pursuing an internship during MAY-AUG 2015.

My email: sriram.vallabhaneni51@gmail.com

Seems the link in your profile throws a 404?

just to let you know, link in your profile is dead.

Which link?

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