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Phoenix, AZ

GiftcardZen.com - we buy and sell numbers.

Funded. 20 people. Fastest-growing company in Arizona, now opening a Phoenix office.

Looking for:

* Developers: RoR, Heroku (see Stack below)

* Community Person

* Data-driven Marketer

* iOS app developer

* Android app developer


Our stack: We use Ruby on Rails backed by a Postgres database running on Heroku. Because we're constantly outgrowing our systems, we are moving to a service-oriented architecture, both by moving process to service objects within our existing app, and creating microservices which run in separate applications.

All positions are full-time, in our gorgeous new downtown office where developers have both windows/light/views and also doors that close. ;)

How to apply: hiring@

Edit: Formatting

Could you describe a little more about what exactly you're looking for in a "community person"?

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