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Mozilla Research (Remote or any of our offices)

I will be hiring for two positions in the coming month, associated primarily with Servo (https://github.com/servo/servo ) and Rust (https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/ ).

1) Senior browser engineer. I am looking for a developer with deep familiarity with web platform standards, especially related to the implementation of the DOM and integration with the JS engine, to help build out this support in Servo. Experience developing systems software required.

2) Experienced operations engineer. Working in concert with the larger Mozilla release and build teams, build out the Mozilla Research continuous automation, release, testing, etc. systems, focusing first on Servo and Rust. We explicitly want candidates with a history of reuse and contribution to existing projects. Experience with build systems, automation, and cloud systems preferred.

Please feel free to contact me directly with more questions - larsberg AT mozilla DOT com. Job postings with more details should be coming online soon...

Damn, damn, damn. If only I actually had the qualifications for those precise positions!

I qualify for this position, all that's lacking is the experience and the technical skills too :(

Same here... Very cool projects!

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