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Boston, MA (Washington Square in Brookline) - Full-Time

Society of Grownups https://www.societyofgrownups.com/

Want a chance to build financial education software from the ground-up?

Society of Grownups offers in-person and online classes, chats, supper clubs, guest speakers, special events, and presentations—all arranged around things that matter to adults, from good food and fine wine to career advancement, building a home, being a good parent, or simply finding balance. Our cozy storefront in Washington Square can host classes of up to 20 people, events of up to 50, and even more online with your help!

We're looking to fill several new positions, and we need a Back-End Developer (Ruby + Rails), Javascript / Full-Stack Developers (Node.js + Ember), a Mobile UI Engineer (We can try out React Native!), and a Test Engineer (to help us reach TDD zen).

We're backed by MassMutual, so you'll get the stability of a 160 year old company, with the environment of a startup that runs marathons, not races.

We offer exceptional benefits, including health/dental/vision/life/disability, 5% 401(k) matching, flexible hours, and work-from-home days.

Interested? Send any questions, or a short cover letter and resume to jobs@societyofgrownups.com

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Could you clarify how the front-end developers are using Node.js? It seems pretty exlusively a back-end tool.

Good catch! I said "front-end developer" but really we're just looking for smart full-stack developers or Javascript developers who are comfortable working across the stack. I've updated my post to reflect that.

Not that it applies to this post, but even though most of the projects I work on don't have nodejs on the server, the dev machine is running nodejs for build management. I probably wouldn't ask for a nodejs developer just to run grunt/gulp but I do like for all my front-end devs to play with nodejs so they at least know how their tools work a bit. After all, I wouldn't really want someone who spends their days writing javascript for the browser but isn't interested in using nodejs to customize their cli tools, at least.

My guess is that Node is responsible for serving the HTML/CSS/JS that's used by the front-end, and probably providing an isomorphic Ember endpoint down the road. So probably in the realm of knowledge that a front-end dev would need, but not a front-end tool in that it doesn't run in the browser.

Yeah, we're definitely interested in seeing what's possible with isomorphic Ember or React code. We don't necessarily require Javascript developers to come in with Node.js knowledge, but they should be interested in learning and a desire to holistically understand the web stack they're building on.

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