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Shoptiques (YC 'W12) - NYC - FULL-TIME, VISA

Shoptiques.com is a fast-growing New York based start-up that is changing the way consumers shop for unique products and the way local boutiques find their next great customer. Shoptiques.com aggregates the world's best boutiques onto one ecommerce site allowing consumers to virtually jet set from a boutique in Paris to London to New York City without the cost of a plane ticket.

Shoptiques.com is backed by a virtual dream team of top Venture Capital firms including Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock Partners, SV Angel, and Y Combinator. We have been featured in Elle Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, CNBC, New York Times, Lucky Mag etc.

This is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a fast-growing startup backed by the best investors. You will contribute to the success of the company with your skills, and will also be given opportunities to grow your skills in other areas such as DevOps/system administration, machine learning, data science, recommendation systems, caching systems, as well as enabling our growth through scalability and high-availability of a multi-faceted marketplace platform.

We use Grails, Groovy, JavaScript, Backbone, EC2, RDS, SQS, ELB. Experience in our exact stack is not required. Engineers of all levels are welcome to apply. Please include your GitHub profile and/or code samples with your application.

To apply, please email me at raja -at- Shoptiques.com

FYI, if you interview with these guys, be prepared to be left hanging. I did a coding interview with them and heard absolutely nothing back afterwards. Whether or not a company wants to hire you, it's common courtesy to at least respond with "we've decided to consider other candidates" or whatever. Saying nothing is poor form.

Not condoning what they did, but saying nothing seems to be par for the course, based on limited personal experience, and a lot of chatter from colleagues the past few years. Sad, but true.

Just because behavior is common doesn't mean it's acceptable or should be tolerated. Companies expect candidates to be professional and can't send a simple email? What else would they be cutting corners on?

Agreed, behavior like this should be shared.

I wonder if any companies know/care how much this kind of behavior negatively impacts people's perception of them.

How do you "not tolerate" it? Send them a nasty email? Create a 'wall of shame'?

One thing I've heard from larger companies is they often do not say anything because almost anything can be construed in to a lawsuit. I think this is a bit of a copout, and I think in most cases, it's just easier to do nothing, but the lawsuit thing probably isn't a total non-issue for some companies either.

"Thank you for your time and interest. We were faced with a tough choice with a lot of candidates, and we ultimately went with another candidate for this position" seems as inoffensive and bland as could be - why these aren't sent out it, I don't know.

Job poster here. I definitely do try to let the candidates know of the outcome once they make it past the coding interview phase. throwawaybcporn completed his interview fairly recently and a decision on that round of interviews had not been made yet. The candidates will hear back this week.

As with any startup, we are a small team doing a million things, and sometimes things (such as interview rounds) may take longer than they should because a critical need for the business was prioritized.

> We use Grails, Groovy,

> be prepared to be left hanging

If you work on these technologies, the future's a bit iffy for now whoever you work for. I'm guessing though, based on Graeme Rocher's comments a week ago [1], that he'll roll Groovy into Grails to make a single project, and get funding for both as a rump team under one project management, himself.

[1] http://jaxenter.com/grails-future-113958.html

Thanks for the interview. Since I only interviewed very few people from my post last month, I have a good idea of who you are.

The reason you haven't heard back yet is because the most recent interview round is still on-going and a decision has not been reached yet. You should expect to hear back this week.

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