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Ask HN: Is there a designer-equivalent to HN?
36 points by marcamillion on Oct 22, 2009 | hide | past | web | favorite | 28 comments
I know HN isn't solely dedicated to programmers, but general startup issues. However, there tends to be a hacking slant.

Is there the equivalent for designers/graphics people specifically for startups? If so, please provide URLs.


We should keep this discussion here, as I (being more of a designer than hacker) have found the resources of this community to be more valuable than other other web destination. I'd like to see more designers or junior-hackers speak up and start some threads based on the issues that face those of us who can't (or don't want to) write code from scratch.

Yes, I would consider it a sad thing if designers felt that design was off-topic for HN.

Presumably the principal coder of HN, a painter who wrote a book called Hackers and Painters, would not be inclined to chase designers away, either.

Actually, I'd love to find out how many designers of diciplines not directly connected with the web read HN?

I'm another one and have been following hn for a long time. it can be a little intimidating to post in a group that seems to be mostly programmers.

I'm one. I have read it for a long time, although I never joined until this thread.

I love ffffound . It's not really like HN but i think from a designers view it's as useful as HN is for coding an enterpreneurship. It shows you the trends and whta's going on in the designing universe.

http://www.reddit.com/r/web_design/ is alright .. but its not specifically for startups..

It's woefully low on posts, too. I only see about 1-2 good submissions a day.

There is something going on with the moderation. About 2 months ago they began approving at most 3 posts a day. It completely ruined a decent community.

http://www.undrln.com is not too shabby.

I dig undrln. It's a very small and moldable community right now. It's done by Eric Karjaluoto of http://SmashLab.com and http://ideasonideas.com, the latter being a great blog for small design businesses.

Not to take away from HN, but HN seems to be programming + startup related.

Maybe there would be significant value add if there were something along the lines of startup + design.

Maybe someone should start one and post the link here.

I am not a designer, but I am curious about those types of stuff. I wonder if pg would be interested in 'white-labelling' HN like Stack Overflow has done for other sites. But with a more customizable UI, rather than have the design whored out to every idea.

Even if pg doesn't want to do it, someone else should plug that gap.

Opportunities are everywhere!

My brother and I started http://facesofdesign.com/ a while ago; not quite the same as HN, but we do try and cater especially to young designers starting out. The site is geared towards designers of all nationalities and disciplines... Integrating something like HN for designers would be something that could be a great part of what we're trying to do. Would love to continue the discussion!

http://www.qbn.com and http://www.yayhooray.com are by far the most legit ones, you'll also find a bunch of them at http://www.qonversation.com now, but you need to get an invite (for both qonversation and yayhooray)

I have been an active member of YayHooray for the last six years, and although it bears mentioning here it's not necessarily a design orientated community anymore. Most discussions tend to be random and meaningless and the signal to noise ratio has gone off the charts over the last few years. That said, there are the occasional good design related discussions and there are certainly some talented people still there.

I'm all for this. Let's see what we can setup. Reddit's /r/design and /r/webdesign aren't very compelling and usually completely packed up with "28 great lens flares" type spam.

Somewhere where we can have a real chat about all aspects of design would be amazing.

Let's start one!

On a related note, is anyone interesting in starting a HN for philosophy/politics/sociology?

Yep. I think its been brought up before.


Count me in for that one

Awesome, the philosophy one or the designer one or both?


That is a Stack Overflow clone for designers. Stack Overflow differs considerably from Hacker News.

It's also for WEB design, not design in general.

Smashingmagazine.com has a forum.

Quite different from Hacker News, don't you think? We're not about articles, we're about community and discussion.

HN is not about articles? A List Apart is all about community and discussions. Dig deeper. It started all out as a mailing list, the site came later because so many list-members wrote good stuff. The ral point though: the people. The design-equivalent to HN is ALA, peoplewise. You know, those who get it et al

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