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YET. ANOTHER. Javascript framework.

This is what people are talking about in countless blog posts (that also make their way to the front page of HN.)

So glad I'm not a front end dev trying to keep up with this world.

There are two sides to it: yes, new frameworks and new stuff to learn, and that can be overwhelming.

On the other hand, rapid evolution leads to better ideas, keeps your mind fresh as your learning never ceases, and an opportunity to improve yourself, keep your career in demand, and generate more income for yourself.

Example: when I started web dev, client-side code was basically a giant function containing browser-specific DOM manipulation.

Today, client-side code is arranged in modules with single responsibility, well-defined application architecture, easy to test, easy to modify or extend, the app logic cleanly separated from the UI.

Rapid evolution also keeps the mind fresh. You're continually learning new concepts, absorbing new ideas. This helps me enjoy my job; I'm always learning.

Rapid evolution keeps my skills in demand, too. My last 2 gigs have been because I learned Angular. I'd be hard-pressed to find work if I was still building web apps like it was 1998.

I can agree that it is a bit overwhelming to keep up with the new 0day hotness. But in all honesty it's also exciting. Things are changing constantly, and mostly for the better. I am particularly glad to be a front end developer and enjoy the constant strive to learn the newest thing.

I don't really see why this is a problem. When my team started using Durandal, the learning curve wasn't very steep, and in the end, it became way faster to create new pages/features.

If a framework learns from the mistakes of the past and builds on previous success, then I welcome it.

If you don't like new frameworks, nobody is stopping you from sticking with old frameworks.

Same can be said for Ruby, Python, C#, etc. A lot of people have a lot of ideas, preferences and time to burn creating/learning new client side frameworks.

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