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> we should focus on teaching people how to model in general

Classes on logic and/or learning theory can accomplish that goal without any tools whatsoever. In fact, I'd argue we should teach people visio instead of excel if the only thing we're shooting for is mental modeling. I've always thought the world would be a much better place if people leveraged concept maps more frequently.

> My point is we should fix that, instead of focusing on teaching people Python.

Again, I really get your point about not wanting a generation full of programmers but having gone through programming classes in HS I think it's a non issue. I think I'm the only person from my HS programming class that went into programming as a trade. If anything, I think the thing worth attacking is the typical emphasis on the programming language as opposed to the process of programming. My HS 101 programming class was done with an overhead projector, mapping out what a loop was actually doing and visualizing the memory allocations being modified step by step. That's the sort of thing we need more of. Just shoving syntax down a kid's throat will do no good, on that we are absolutely on the same page.

P.S. I think you're doing amazing work. Thank you for all you're trying to contribute to the field and the world.

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