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Much of this Table Oriented Programming was always included in products like Progress. (AFIK Proggress was mature in 1995) In that platform you have tables as native languaje entities, data dictionary, transaction semantics for every entity in the languaje, a real DBMS in the backend handling persistense, unix/linux/windows real portability ... you name it. For example you can do in progress the following:

  for each customer:
    display customer.name.
    for each phone of customer:
       display phone.number.
       /*or can do: delete phone.*/
    /*or can do: customer.name = 'xxxx'.*/
It's very easy to read or write that code. But believe me that the platform, in adition to be propietary (read expensive), has its problems.

But I never knew why the good ideas of the platform weren't ported to newer ones.

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