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This reminds me of the Black Mirror episode White Christmas (only blocking ads instead of people).

Hey, I'm from the team that worked on this at PennApps. This episode was actually our inspiration for the device!

Another Black Mirror fan here. I was about to post the same thing as the parent. It's awesome that the show inspired this, but it's also quite scary at the same time!

Hey! I was a mentor at PennApps and I came by on your table early friday night and loved the idea. I was the one who suggested shipping your own .deb packages for opencv with all of the good stuff built in. You should publish that if you decided to do that... would love to hear from you guys... great work!!!! pennapps@boun.cr

Are you aware that "this reminds me of Black Mirror" is a really, really bad thing? Like, did you miss the whole point of the show?

I especially enjoy the fact that I dismissed it at the time as being "too unrealistic", one month later a prototype turns up on HN!

I learned to err on the side of "doable" in case of science fiction technology. With our current tech level, we can already do pretty much almost anything; usually economics is the only blocker.

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