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BREAKING NEWS -> There are now dates on all of the individual blog posts. The landing page is "date-free" but is in chronological order, if you open a post, the date will be below the title...AS NATURE INTENDED!

That's amazing - I'm reading the post right now (as in, 11:28 AM pacific)- and I switched back to the tab, and it doesn't show the date. But I opened it less than 10 minutes ago. They couldn't have changed it that real time could they.

Hit Refresh. Lo and behold - there is the date.

Now that's an agile organization. Thanks very much - I really appreciate the date on these posts as well.

Our pleasure :)

That's WordPress for you ;)

It certainly helped :)

Backblaze is an excellent service and your blog posts are a favour to the world. Thanks for being awesome. Also, thanks for adding dates to your blog posts :)

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