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Show HN: tld-list.com – 818 Top Level Domains and Their Cheapest Registrars (tld-list.com)
101 points by timbowhite on Jan 21, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 59 comments

Listing is not accurate, prices for some domains are way too high (even twice the price I've seen elsewhere). I would guess someone is making bucks from advertising Hover and Gandi...

> I would guess someone is making bucks from advertising Hover and Gandi...

That'd be nice :)

Feel free to suggest more registrars to add, right now it's limited to 7 major registrars that have transparent/up-front pricing.

AJ from Gandi here.

For the record, we found out about tld-list.com via this thread. We don't pay for advertising as a matter of principle. We don't even have an affiliate program (though we get so many requests for it that we're considering it).

@timbowhite: Nice work on the site. Feel free to contact us, we'd love to send you some swag! Is the code open source, by the way?

Unrelated to the topic, but has Gandi decided to stop hijacking users domains and holding them hostage? I had Gandi seize a fairly decent domain of mine for "abuse" (Which is funny because the domain wasn't even in use) and communicating with the support was just a truly horrible experience, they wouldn't even tell me what the domain was actually suspended for.

Not sure what you mean by "holding them hostage," but we don't take down domains without a good reason. In the rare case that we do suspend a domain, we always tell you why. If that's not what happened in your case, please contact us or reply here with your ticket number so we can look into it.

Cool. Code isn't open source, it'd be way too embarrassing at this point :)

tld-list.com says cheapest registrar for .bg is Gandi.net for 182 USD. Even register.bg (https://www.register.bg/user/index_en.html) offers .bg domains for 30 EUR (35 USD).

I Want My Name is not an ICANN accredited registrar - they're a reseller of Hexonet / 1API

NameSilo.com has cheaper .com / .net etc than listed alternatives.

Great - namesilo pricing has been added.

Gandi is listed for .ie with a price of $105 - which is way higher than what most providers in Ireland would offer it Also "no restrictions" is incorrect .. and misleading

Late response, but thanks for pointing this out. The "No Restrictions" labels have been made more accurate, and pricing has been added for 6 new registrars.

If you can suggest any providers in Ireland with decent, transparent pricing, please let me know!

Not sure how accurate this list is. For example, .al is sold for $16.49/year by dot.al vs what they have listed for which is $395/year with gandi.net

Nice! I see you even included your sources. However, unless I'm mistaken, for the "cheapest" part, you get info from a few big names (uniteddomains, gandi, etc), compare between them and then return which is the cheap of these?

So it means a cheaper, albeit less known, registrar might exist for any given domain, correct?

Edit: Replying to myself, I think I'm right because for some domains, you list no registrar.

For instance, .alsace [1] has a "No results found :(" for registrars, while a quick google search gives 1and1 [2] as a registrar for this tld

2nd edit: it appears Gandi also registers .alsace so I don't really know...

I found this list of accrited registrars [3] that you could probably use, but it doesn't seem to be up to date since .alsace is not included in it.

For those curious enough, registry for .alsace is [4]

[1] http://tld-list.com/tld/alsace

[2] http://www.1and1.fr/alsace-domaine

[3] https://www.icann.org/registrar-reports/accredited-list.html


That's correct. Prices for the first iteration of this project is limited to a handful of major registrars[1]. I'll be adding more over the upcoming weeks (suggestions welcome).

[1] http://tld-list.com/registrars

NameCheap is awesome.

I second NameCheap

Is this one of the https://domcomp.com affiliates or do you actually scrape the data yourself from the registrars? DomComp has been running since September and monitizes itself through affiliate links to the registrars but also allows other sites to use their system for a cut of the affiliate dollars.

Just a note, your affiliate link to NameCheap returns a 404 error.

Thanks, 404 fixed.

Site isn't associated with domcomp, sources for data is provided at http://tld-list.com/sources

I'm not sure what "no restrictions" is supposed to mean here - I see TLDs that have local presence requirements listed as "no restrictions". For example .eu[1]

has "no restrictions" and "Restricted to legal and natural persons in European Union member states. Previously unofficially used for sites in the Basque language, but now .eus is in official use."

Some clarification would be nice. Otherwise, great site.

It would also be nice if you cataloged providers/pricing for "local contact" and "local presence" services. I got a domain under an obscure ccTLD that was restricted to residents/local businesses a few years ago and it took me several hours to find a company that would take care of that for me.

1. http://tld-list.com/tld/eu

Thanks, I'll fix the "no restrictions" label for the .eu TLD.

But in general, "no restrictions" means there are no rules as to who can register the TLD, or how the registered domain has to be used.

Actually, most ccTLDs are location restricted. Google keeps a list of what they call "Generic ccTLDs" which are ccTLDs that anyone can (and usually does) purchase for sites outside of the geographical area associated with that ccTLD. This includes most popular domain hack TLDs like .io .fm .ly etc


Thanks, that's what I thought it was supposed to mean. There's a number of other ccTLDs as well that have restrictions similar to .eu.

Hello! Nice site. I'm the developer of www.domcomp.com - we present similar data of domain prices. Some people here have already mentioned us.

I guess we are 'competing', but genuinely wish you good luck with your site!

Appreciate it!

This is really neat, thanks for doing this. My only wish would be to not cap it at 20 per page. I'd love to scroll through all of them, but i'm not gonna click on the next arrow 41 times. :-(

Added a "results per page" option, goes up to 500.

Similar service which I find a bit easier to use (and faster, although it might just be HN load right now): https://www.domcomp.com/

This is a really cool concept and solves a need, but I don't think the listings are super accurate.

I registered http://three.do, my to-do list app that helps you get your top three priorities done for the day, for $150 on 101domain.com, which is $100 cheaper than the $250 registration from Gandi.net.

Is there a way to alert the site of cheaper alternatives?

Thanks. For now, you can either post here or message me of other registrars you'd like to see listed.

There's a list of registrars and features[1] that I'm working on, I've added 101domain.com to it.

[1] http://tld-list.com/devlog

Simple but useful idea, surprised it has not been done before.

I especially like the sunrise feature.

Obviously you have your work cut out (a) finding all the registrars and (b) keeping the prices up to date. You can make money as an affiliate for some of the registrars so maybe it would be worth your time.

The next step is a feature to check a name for registration against all of those domains.

Great idea! How do you plan to keep the data current?

It would be nice to be able to display more than 20 TLDs per page. Maybe more like 100-200?

Thanks! I'll add custom result count per page to my TODO list.

I really like it, i would like to be able to order the data by price, Cheapest Registrar etc. Very good job.

Namecheap is not the cheapest .ca registrar, there are several Canadian providers in the under $10 range/$10. Such as paylessdomains.ca ($9.95) and netfirms ($9.95) and canspace ($9.75)

Thanks, I'll look into adding those registrars' pricing. Right now the site is limited to a handful of major registrars[1].

[1] http://tld-list.com/registrars

Is there seriously going to be a ".google" TLD?


Or are some of the entries just proposals?

All the listed TLD's have been delegated and are in the DNS root zone db[1].

[1] https://www.iana.org/domains/root/db

Ahhh, I see, "Charleston Road Registry Inc" must be Google's registrar child company. Thanks for the link!

from ICANNs site, looks like .google has been delegated (https://gtldresult.icann.org/application-result/applications... ), so I'd say yep that'll happen.

AFAIK google have applied for a large number of TLDs, this is one of them

To further other replies, they're already using it [1].

[1] http://nic.google

Feature requests:

- Order by price

- Filter by limit the number of characters in domain (I.e. only show domains with 2 chars)

- The prices at all the registrars selling the domain, for comparison.

I like em, on it.

These features have now been added.

Nice, it's interesting to see how wildly the prices vary. Out of interest, it would be nice to be able to sort the various columns.

Why do the prices vary so much? I can understand trends like .io, but why does .iq cost $660?

.iq is the ccTLD of Iraq. I suspect the price is mainly the result of the organizations involved in the country having an unrealistic idea of what prices are appropriate.

Or maybe because they don't sell a lot of domains and need to provide a whole array of staff to service the registry and stuff. So they charge a little more then your average .com which sells millions a day.

Not everything is because people are unrealistic.

Thanks. Column sorting is definitely in the works, I quickly hacked this thing out over the last week.

I upvoted this assuming you could sort by price-- the only reason anybody would use a gTLD is because it's cheaper, after all.

Hi - just added sorting for the price and TLD columns.

Very cool, I've been looking around for something like this. I have a feeling i'll be using this frequently. Nice work!

Can I sort all tlds for a cheapest registrar?

I hate most of these TLDs. All it does is allow more domains to be registered by spammers and scammers. It was enough that a company had to buy a .com, .net, .org and maybe a few country specific domains to protect their name, now we need to register almost a thousand or some scammer will sit on company-name.ninja just because they can?

Biggest money grab scam to date by icann, et el.

To some extent, the existence of all these TLDs makes it more reasonable to just buy the one domain name you want and ignore the rest. If anyone actually tries to register your business name as a domain for the purposes of confusion, you can challenge the registration. But it no longer necessarily makes sense to proactively buy multiple domains.

I've also seen better prices for .ae and .at

local registers often have very cheap prices for local TLDs for example for .it, gidinet.it has a way lower price than $14.99

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