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Considering it's all built on well-known and tested (provided you follow the best practices) cloud services (AWS right?) I often wonder what they do all day. Netflix platform strikes me as something you invest heavily in at day 1 but then only need a boilerplate team of developers to keep it ticking over and responding to user feedback.

They love to bleat on about their Chaos Monkey this and Chaos Monkey that. But come on, they wrote a read-only cloud-hosted and distributed video streaming service that leans on standard cloud services and best practices for 90% of the hard parts. Chaos Monkey just smacks of writing a integration test for a third party component you don't own.

Frankly I wouldn't want a job at Netflix simply because the problem domain is not interesting enough. Read-only highly-resilient distributed systems are not particularly hard to create and test. It's only becomes an interesting problem when you need to do a comparable amount of write-ops at the same time as those read-ops.

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