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Tens of millions are in slavery as we speak.

People in some countries cannot get free information and the government closely monitors what they watch and do.

Some countries still "harvest" organs from condemned prisoners to sell on the open market.

And yet we find time to get outraged over a couple of pretty girls lap-dancing a couple of geeks at some conference.

Modern morality is an interesting thing. It seems that it rests on how easy it is to pass judgment, how many people will agree with you when you do, and having the appropriate degree of self-flagellation.

I usually don't agree with "don't solve problem X, because Y and Z are worse" (society isn't exactly like prioritizing bugs), but in this case - right on.

I think the best argument against the dancers is that it is tasteless -- or at least seems so to most of the readers here. I honestly don't know if it seemed tasteless to conference attendees or not. I also don't know if it was a major part of the conference or could easily be skipped by those who didn't like it.

I try to be an easy-going guy. Nobody is being harmed here. More troubling is the tendency to mouth-off about "easy" things like this while saying things like "every culture is okay" when it comes to things like the secret police or freedom of information. That just seems completely moronic to me.

Unfortunately it has been decided (in the rest of the comments) that we're not allowed to do anything about, or even comment on, any of these problems, even if done by Western companies in foreign lands, because to do so would be cultural imperialism.

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