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> I can only imagine how uncomfortable women at these conferences (what few there are) must be.

Or would be, if they were American. Considering this is part of their culture, they probably don't bat an eye.

Culturally held sexism is still sexism, and such culturally established prejudice and undue partiality is not unique to Taiwan.

We shouldn't accept sexism or racism, period.

This is true, and I'm not making a value judgement on this particular event at all. I'm just saying that a comment like that is projecting the poster's own morals, thoughts, and culture onto a whole separate group of people who probably don't even think like that at all.

I agree with this, thank you.

Respectfully disagree with others. If we didn't fight it, we'd have the same cultural distinctions as to what is and is not acceptable.

Many American women would not be offended either, there are plenty of open minded people in all countries with better things to do than acting offended and outraged at every opportunity.

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