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Wow. I really cannot understand how you see Joyent's actions as immature and embarrassing.

The request is/was/remains a relevant one. Language is important, it is after all the one of the few tools to describe percieved reality.

Ben Noordhuis's primary language isn't English, and he was following established PR protocol, so I think he should be given a little bit of leeway.

Because everyone who doesn't live in one of the SJW/progressivist cult bastions realizes that:

a) Talk is cheap, action matters, and the PC police's main strategy is to complain until other people change, instead of enacting change themselves. Accommodating them is useless, they will simply find something new to complain about. Apologies are always insufficient, defiance is considered a declaration of war.

b) Language is indeed important, and redefining concepts like "privilege", "misogyny" and "harassment" to mean whatever the club of the perpetually offended thinks they mean is damaging to sane discourse.

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