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This comment is why sometimes we techie are kinda delusional.

We despise existing solution thinking that we could and should disrupt everything. Tear down everything and build everything from scratch; Our way or the high way attitude.

Bitcoin definitely have some innovations here and regardless of what happen in the future, it's impact will be felt. It was a great experiment, probably the greatest social experiment of the 21st century. The best is that it's self contained and sandboxed. Allowing it too roam freely in unchartered water.

But the financial industry is not as un-innovative as we hope they are. To innovate means you have to experiments, to experiment mean there will be failures. Over the years we seen financial industry fail and fail again. In fact, the incentive to "innovate" is so high, you constantly see the cat and mouse game between the regulators and the industry players, and the revolving doors of the prison cells never really stop.

While the greed and failure of the financial industry has irked us and certainly bred a level of mistrust. Trust in the financial system is at the highest level in human history. You have to understand that they are no stranger to mistrust and throughout human history it is a recurring problem they have to solve over and over again.

The current floating currency and central banks structure which provides deposit insurance among many other things are the result of many iterations over thousands of years. This system run the global economy, it scale is unimaginable large in human scale. There's a lot to appreciates.

Sure there's room for improvements. Many people treats Bitcoin like it must replace the financial system but the problems it facing now is exactly what the financial system had solved. What I'm pretty sure is that Bitcoin's will definitely had an impact on the next iteration of the ever evolving financial system.

The Bitcoin community I have seen fails to recognized the important of trust in finance. Not just trust between computers, but trust between humans. Like the 90's and 00's software industry fails to recognize the important of simplicity and good user experience. The next Steve Jobs of the cryptocurrency is in my believe one who understand these ideas to heart.

There's a lot to celebrate about Bitcoin and what we had done, as I always like take a contrary position. Bitcoin is not a replacement of the existing financial system, it is, or will be if it haven't, part of the system. Thus, the rise and fall of its price is part and parcel. It's kinda exciting to see this great experiment in the running, although I'll dread experiencing it first hand.

As Bruce Lee once said, "In great attempts it is glorious even to fail." I wouldn't consider this a failure but it's definitely glorious.

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