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In their words, io.js is "A spork of Node.js with an open governance model".

Hmm. Lets hope the spork gets spooned so that no projects get knifed. If not then I guess we have to hope for a knork so we don't get stuck with a couple of chopsticks.


Forking : Creating a fork to intentionally diverge from main-line development.

Spooning : Merging a fork back into the main line of a project

Sporking : Creating a fork that you would really like to become the next main-line version but you kinda have to prove its awesome first (sporks are pretty awesome)

Knifing : Action killing a project, abandon hope :(

Knorking : A fork replaces the original project which dies off i.e. a fork knifes the original

Chopsticking : Two forks vie for popularity splitting the community and becoming lone chopsticks. Chopsticks need to work together to make stuff happen!

Lets hope they keep momentum, otherwise they'll be 'corkscrewing' the community!

For posterity to anyone who still reads this, the spork thing is mostly my fault. And it sort of caught on.

I do website and irc stuff for io.js and I had trouble describing what the project was in relation to node.js.

So I called it a spork, because "sporks are friendlier". Whatever that means. Aside from being friendly.

Proof is somewhere in the io.js irc logs back near when the project sporked.



Don't get me wrong, thanks for the information. But seriously. It's like when you come up with a whimsical naming scheme for your home network devices and you get trapped in that naming scheme and have to come up with more and more obscure Lithuanian folk demons that fit into your conventions and it becomes a parody of itself and you're not sure if you're serious or joking anymore.

I named my new external drive "Rama". Not sure how far I can take that, though.

about 10, avatars of Vishnu.

OTOH, Vishnu himself has a thousand names (Vishnu-Sahasra-nama)!

I'd say you are in fairly good shape.

Haha, except mine is Rama like the spaceship :)

...which is named after the Hindu deity


Yes, yes, I know. But my hard-drive is named after the characteristics of the spacecraft, not the deity :)

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