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One thing we're seeing here is a clash of business cultures. Most developers and businesspeople that would hang around Hacker News are the sort of people who think business is about delivering the most value you can and getting paid for it. But globally that's really a minority point of view. Most global business focuses exclusively on the getting paid part, and tries to deliver the least possible value required to get money as quickly as possible. If you can get paid by delivering no value or even negative value, that's a big win. The ideal product is a vapid "pet rock" fad or an addictive drug like heroin or cigarettes.

The sort of software you see profiled in this article is the result of those kinds of quick-buck hustlers trying to game the software market. That's the majority of global business culture, which is why outside walled gardens with quality control it's the majority of software.

Ultimately I think this is the case because human beings are wired for scarcity and conflict. Get while the getting's good, because the next famine or raiding army is always coming. No point in building any real value in that world. It'll just get stolen or destroyed. HN is full of people who subscribe to the futurist/enlightenment notion of progress and the idea that we might be almost post-scarcity enough to entertain the decadent luxury of benevolence.

Also, it seems like no-one is ever pursued to justice for creating such software, and this is the opposite of the greater public's expectations.

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